Shooting team profile

Mike Dahl

How Mike got into the shooting sports

I did some trap competition when I was younger, however my interest in action shooting came about because I was looking for a martial art to do when I moved to Minnesota. I had been doing lots of Kendo in Seattle and there just weren't any Dojos here. Once I discovered action shooting (IDPA and USPSA) I knew that's what I wanted to do.

Mike's greatest victory in the shooting sports

Probably my 2014 season, where I completed my goal of winning my class in winter league, the State Championship, and the Area 3 Regionals. Practice and hard work pays off.

The skill Mike still struggles with

Transitions. I feel that I need to take a little more time than competitors in higher classes to get the sights to settle when I swing on a far target. Since accuracy is crucial in production, you have to get the points. Every quarter second more I spend getting those points hurts my score.

What Mike does when he isn't behind the trigger

I'm either polishing a trigger or developing medical technology for startups.

Pistol and related gear

I am in love with the CZ platform. Unlike most of the people shooting I run a regular shadow (non SP01) which has a short dust cover. That plus the fact that I have done a lot of work to the gun (like coating all the switches in Titanium Nitride) makes it very unique out in the field. I feel it swings better and is more snappy (in a good way) than the SP01 shadow, and the 135g Bayou Bullet loads I make for it make it a nice running gun. In single stack I run a heavily customized (by myself again) Springfield Loaded Stainless. Probably the highest quality for the money competition ready 1911 platform to work with. Runs like an open wound.

Rifle and related gear

I don't always shoot 3 gun, but when I do I roll heavy metal with a modified DPMS 308, my Springfield 1911, and a dirty 870.

Shotgun and related gear

I need new shotgun gear. My 870 is on it's last legs and I still reload using 1x4 caddies weak hand from a chest rig. 3 years ago it was the business, now it's like racing the Baja in a model T ford.

Best advice

Grip the living $#!% out of the gun and watch every shot go into the A zone without concentrating on it. Sounds obvious but there is a deep technique behind it that takes some contemplation and practice. This gets told to people all the time and they don't do it, or don't do it right. Brian Enos wrote an entire book about it. It won't make sense unless you've been shooting for a little while. Get out there and find your Void mind!

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