Shooting team profile

Dave Gundry

How Dave got into the shooting sports

A friend at college (Lucas Webster) dragged me into it in 2007, after a few conversations at the gun shop and seeing what my first pistol purchase was (Witness Elite Match). My first match was a USPSA special classifier match at Holmen Rod & Gun Club near LaCrosse, WI. I was immediately hooked and spent the next summer shooting weekly matches in Pine Island, MN and monthly matches in Holmen.

Dave's greatest victory in the shooting sports

I've had a few good wins over the years, but I mostly appreciate spending time at the range with friends, meeting new ones, and the time spent trying to out-shoot each other.

What skill Dave struggles with

Slowing down. It's far too easy to get excited and let speed overrun the need for accuracy.

What Dave does when he isn't behind the trigger

By day, I'm a mechanical engineer, which helps fuel my other hobbies - camping, climbing, motorcycle track days, golfing, mountain biking and tinkering with computers and cars.

Pistol and related gear

My primary USPSA pistol is a Kimber Custom Target II in 45ACP, sporting a 2lb trigger, SVI long-flat trigger, Techwell carry magwell & grips, and a host of other modifications, fed by Wilson ETM mags. My primary 3 Gun pistol is a Smith & Wesson M&P Pro 9mm with a Wilson Combat barrel, Tru-Grip grip tape and custom trigger work. Both guns run Atlanta Arms & Ammo ammunition. I use CR Speed belts and mag pouches, along with the old 1-piece Comp-Tac belt holsters for both of my guns.

Rifle and related gear

My main 3 Gun rifle is a frankenstein of parts, but it runs better than I can drive it. Ingredients include: Noveske lower, VLTOR upper, White Oak 18" SPR barrel, HiperFire 24C trigger, Trijicon Accupoint 1-4 scope (German #4 reticle) on a Larue SPR-1.5 mount, AP Customs carbon fiber handguard, Nordic Components Tactical Compensator, Magpul MOE rifle stock and Ergo Tactical Dlx grip. I am currently testing a new 14.5" mid length upper from BCM on a spare lower setup...

Shotgun and related gear

My shotgun is a Benelli M1. I've installed a XRail integrated 10- round tube (can run a 2 round extension if I'm feeling extra sporty), Taran Tactical Innovations bolt handle, Nordic Components bolt release, C-Rums welded lifter, custom stippling and opened/beveled loading port done by me. For loading caddies, I use a combination of Taccom 8-ups for quad-loading, Carbon Arms 10 round pinwheels for dual-loading, and AP Customs Classic 4s for slugs or going prone, all on Tek-Lok hardware to secure them to my belt and alter the setup as needed.

Best advice

Focus on accuracy, speed comes naturally. It is far easier to learn how to shoot faster when you're accurate than to learn how to shoot accurately when you're going too fast.

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