Shooting team profile

Jonah Klevesahl

How Jonah got into the shooting sports

I’d always been into shooting handguns, but was constantly bored with shooting indoors at a range. Had a friend from a local motorcycle forum who said I should come try an outdoor USPSA match, so I bought a gun and some basic gear and shot my first match down at Pine Island in the dead of the 2012 winter. I didn’t do well, but received a lot of good advice and quickly realized what skills I needed to develop in order to become competitive. Unfortunately funds were tight that year so I decided to come back in 2013 and really put some effort into it. I had never shot an AR before, and only picked up a shotgun for the first time in early 2013. I figured the best way to learn all of these platforms was to dive into 3-Gun and see how things worked out.

Jonah's greatest victory in the shooting sports

Any time I beat my mentors in a match! But to pick a specific match I’d say I am happy with my top 10 B class finish at the 2014 Production Nationals. Everything seemed to “click” for me that match and knowing I could have broken into top 3 without some mistakes really motivates me to keep practicing and try even harder this year.

The skill Jonah still struggles with

My brain still has an annoying tendency to outrun my gun on stages and I’ll either botch the last target of an array or blunder an entry as I think too far ahead.

What Jonah does when he isn't behind the trigger

I am a Sr. Sales Executive for a software company, helping organizations succeed with Apple in the enterprise.

Pistol and related gear

I shoot USPSA Production and 3-gun with a CZ Accu-Shadow, Boss Holster, and Ghost Mag pouches on a Double Alpha belt. I primarily shoot Freedom Munitions 147g 9mm ammunition

Rrifle and related gear

My AR-15 is a mutt, assembled from the lightest/cheapest parts I could get my hands on during the “crisis” of 2013: 

  • JP Upper
  • Mag Tactical Lower
  • Lancer Systems carbon fiber handgoard
  • Rainer Arms 18” match barrel with a mid-length gas system
  • Burris MTAC 1-4 optic
  • CMG trigger

The gun runs great and I don’t have plans to change much this season aside from possibly the new Vortex 1-6x optic.

Shotgun and related gear

I think I’m the only guy in MN that runs an FNH SLP. I bought it because it was one of the few competition-ready guns on the market at the time and, well, also because it was blue. Thanks to a decent finish at the Nordic Components 2013 Tactical Shotgun Championship I won a full custom overhaul from Crucible Armament which included: Welded lifter, widened loading port, polished tube, +2 extension, polished trigger group, lightened bolt, and a lighter recoil spring. It runs incredibly fast and has been match-tested with ammo from almost every manufacturer. I strong hand dual-load off Carbon Arms 10-round pinwheels on a Double Alpha belt.

Best advice

Ben Stoeger telling me: “You suck, and you need to practice more.” Seriously - I’ve never participated in another sport where even minor improvements can have such a dramatic outcome in a match.

Related gear