Shooting team profile

Gunnar An

How Gunnar got into shooting sports

First order of business, Gunnar is obviously not my real name, but for the purposes of this interrogation it will suffice. Having traveled the world in my formative years, I gained an appreciation for weapon platforms, self defense, and freedom. After extensive defensive training with the best and brightest, the last frontier was the furious chaos of action shooting competition. 

Gunnar's greatest victory in shooting sports

Every day that I become faster and more accurate is the greatest victory that can come to one in the art of the gun. My podium finishes at regional championships don't hurt either.

The skill Gunnar still struggles with

Tolerating other people is still a struggle, there is no good way to dryfire for it...

What Gunnar does when he isn't behind the trigger

I perform classified tasks for the most cutting edge AR rifle manufacturer...I even have two different cubes, just sayin'.

Pistol and related gear

As a platform aficionado I roll with anything, but have been most frequently using a CZ75 SPO1 Shadow Custom, or a SV Infinity. Sometimes I'll run a Tanfoglio Stock II for giggles. While DAA belts and Bladetech holsters keep the heat on my hips...Kilts let the heat out (Boom!). 

Rifle and related gear

JP rifles be coming out of my pants. I keep two in my glove box for emergencies. Typically rock Leopold Mark 6 for glass. 

Shotgun and related gear

My Beretta 1301 gets the job done. It rolls 25 shells deep with Taccom Triple Duelin Deuce Shell carriers. 

Best advice

Don't ever let them see what's under the kilt


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