Shooting team profile

Adam Maxwell

How Adam got into the shooting sports

I'm told I've always had a fascination with firearms since I was old enough to understand the concept of what a gun was. I started shooting air rifles when I was about 10 (there are probably enough BB's laying in my back yard to build a 1911), but I really didn't start shooting firearms until my teen years. Competition shooting started when I rallied a group of buddies and our dads into a trap/skeet league in high school (before high schools were sanctioning such things). My first exposure to action shooting was a TV show called "American Shooter" when I was about 14. I had to lay in wait for several years until I was old enough to buy guns and ammo for myself, but I eventually started shooting IDPA which then evolved into USPSA and ultimately 3-gun.

Adam's greatest victory in the shooting sports

I've been fortunate enough to place very well and several national level matches, but to date my proudest finishes have been my consecutive top 20 finishes at the MGM Ironman 3-Gun.

The skill Adam still struggles with

Intermediate to long range rifle shooting, which- to me- begins at 300 yards, is a struggle. It is something that really can only be learned by pulling the trigger for real. Gaining access to a facility with extended ranges and the cost of match grade rifle ammunition make long range practice hard to do, and practicing the kind of shooting required at a match is even harder. I'm getting better at it all the time, but no one is more surprised than me when the card flashes.

What Adam does when he isn't behind the trigger

Even when not actually shooting, I am heavily involved in shooting sports and the firearms industry. I have taken a hiatus from my career in agriculture to pursue sales and marketing opportunities within the firearms/shooting sports industry where I have variety professional affiliations with various individuals and organizations. Outside of shooting I enjoy off-road power sports like snowmobiling and motocross as well as other extreme sports. Efforts to get into better athletic shape for action shooting has also gotten me more interested in bicycling as well.

Pistol and related gear 

I do not exclusively use one pistol. For 3-Gun I primarily shoot a 2011 style pistol built by Grundhauser Gun Works. It is a 9x19mm fairly basic in its configuration, but premium in its parts, exacting in its assembly, and tuned to perfection. In the past I have also used various Glocks for 3-Gun, most notably a G34 modified by Zev Technologies. The Zev 34 has a grip reduction and texturing package, aluminum extended mag well, and a fulcrum trigger. For pistol only games I prefer to run single stack with a 1911, usually a stock Springfield TRP though I dig others out of the safe from time to time.

Rifle and related gear

The things 3-gun demands from a rifle are so diverse, that I don't have just one anymore. The challenges or (more likely) limitations of a individual host range make it advantageous to have rifles configured in a variety of ways to play into the types of stages that will be presented. You can't switch rifles during a match, but that doesn't mean you can't decide which rifle to use before the match starts. While 18" barrels appeal to the broadest spectrum of applications, I tend to prefer 14.5" barrels 90% of the time. All of my 3-gun rifles wear Vortex Optics and Surefire muzzle brakes. Most of them wear Geissele Super 3-Gun triggers and Midwest Industries hand guards. My rifles also tend to wear adjustable rifle style stocks like the XLR Tac-Lite, Magpul PRS, or Luth AR MBA.

Shotgun and related gear

While I shoot a variety of pistols and a variety of rifles/carbines...I shoot only one shotgun. It is a Benelli M2 24" left hand. It has a modified action and loading port, extended bolt release, Nordic Components BFB charging handle, Nordic Components +7 tube and occasionally a Shooter's Source +2 end cap (yes I use a barrel clamp as well). I've also had a custom configuration of pistol sights dovetailed into the vent-rib. My preferred shot shell is 1 1/8 oz #7.5 2.75dram/1145fps. As important as the shotgun itself these days is the shell caddies one uses. I was one of the longest hold-outs to switch to twins/quad loading style. There are a plethora of options, I thought long and hard...I chose Carbon Arms. I use a 24 round Back-Bone and 10 round Pin-Wheels. 

Best advice

"Shooting is more of a visual game than I ever thought it was. There is so much to be seen, that you see but don't sights are my throttle, if the sight is in the target zone and it has an acceptable point value- I'm going to fire the shot...I never put an expectation on a performance. I put an expectation of visual clues and execution." -Jerry Miculek  

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