Shooting team profile

James Leffler

How James got into shooting sports?

I started reading a bunch of zombie books, got curious about guns, and bought an AR. I got bored punching holes in paper at gun ranges and heard about the steel shoot in Hutchinson. That led to USPSA, which led to tactical shotgun and 3 Gun matches.

James's Greatest victory in shooting sports?

I'm very proud of my 22nd and 19th finishes at the Nordic Tactical Shotgun Championship. As far as local matches, it's always a win to spend a day at the range with awesome people.

The skill James struggle with most?

Accuracy. I have the necessary speed but being accurate, most notably with my pistol, is the hardest for me to master.

What does James do when He's not behind the trigger?

I work in the bindery department at the family business cutting and folding paper. Otherwise I'm playing way too many video games or modifying a car to go faster. I need cheaper hobbies.

Pistol and related gear?

Glock 34, Vogel trigger, and Warren Tactical sights. Comptac holster and kydex mag pouches on a CR Speed belt. R

Rifle and related gear?

JP-15 with a Vortex 1-4 optic. Lefty friendly parts are a Raptor charging handle, Norgon magazine release, and an ambi safety.

Shotgun and related gear?

Stoeger M3000 with a Nordic Components magazine tube, Tom Knapp front fiber optic sight, and opened up the loading port myself. I quad load off of Carbon Arms pinwheels.

Best advice?

Practice. Dry fire is free and easy to do in your own home or apartment. 10 minutes a week will prevent skill atrophy. 30-60 minutes a week in a simple practice regimen will pay huge dividends and will greatly increase your ability.

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