Shooting team profile

Paul Wollmuth

How Paul got into shooting sports?

I have always been very competitive and started shooting archery tournaments when I was six. I did this pretty much up until I went off to college, but it wasn’t long before I was looking for something to take its place. I had always been around firearms and hunting growing up in North Dakota so I joined a local range to sight in rifles and heard about an IDPA pistol competition they held once a month. After watching a match I knew I had to give it a try, I bought a pistol and was quickly hooked on the action shooting sports. From there I expanded into USPSA and got started in 3 gun in 2015.

Paul’s greatest victory in the shooting sports?

Probably my 2016 season. In USPSA I won my class at the WI and MN sections and Area 3 while moving up from B to Master. In 3 gun I placed top 10 in all three majors I competed in and capped it off with a 4th place finish at the Benelli Generation 3 Gun championship.

The skill Paul struggles with:

Getting in and out of position. I have a tendency to run to my next position and not set myself up to start shooting quickly and end up losing time settling in.

What Paul does when he isn’t behind the trigger?

I play with guns, kind of. I am a design engineer for JP Enterprises.

Pistol and related gear:

I have always loved the CZ platform, so in 2015 I picked up a CZ custom SP-01 shadow for USPSA production and 3 gun. I use Mec-gar mags for both and run CZC extensions for 3 gun, Comp-tac holster and CR speed mag pouches (Blade-Tech WRS retention holster for 3 gun) and it all rides on a Double-Alpha belt.

Rifle and related gear:

JP Rifles JP-15 with an 18” light profile barrel, 3 port comp, silent captured spring, and aluminum bolt carrier. This combo is extremely flat shooting for the fast close up shots and a tack driver to make quick work of the long range targets. I run Pmags for everything and haven’t seen a reason to change that. It is topped with a Vortex Razor 1-6 in a JP mount; after dumping it in barrels all season I have never had it lose zero. If needed, I keep a spare mag in a Weber Tactical rifle mag pouch.

Shotgun and related gear:

I run a Benelli M2 from the RCI custom shop. The M2 is the standard to which all 3 gun shotguns are compared, and for good reason. I load weak hand quads out of Taccom Quaload shell caddies. I keep all my 3 gun belt gear on Teklok attachments to change things out between stages.

Best advice:

Go out and try it. Even if you don’t think you have the right gear, show up to a match and ask questions. The action shooting community is about the nicest and most helpful group of people you will ever meet.

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