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JP Rifles / Rifle

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Shop now for in-stock rifles from JP Rifles. Our selection of JP Rifles for sale includes the JP-5, JP-15, LRI-20, SCI-20, PSC-21, ASF-20, LRP-07, and more. We also carry JP Silent Capture Springs (JP-SCS) including the JP-SCS2-15 and JP-SCS2-10. Other JP Rifle products we stock include JPOINT™ red dot sights, an assortment of JP AR-15 parts, handguards, trigger kits, and other JP parts.

JP Rifles is an old fashioned company that manufactures reliable, high-quality firearms, rifle parts, and accessories for recreational and competitive shooters. Their customer service policy is “If you're not happy, I'm not happy. I only guarantee one thing, your satisfaction.” Their customers are their biggest advocates, and have been buying from JP rifles for 40 years.

Arnzen Arms is a top JP retailer in the USA. Our staff knows the products and can help you with your custom build or product selection. Use the chat interface to get started or see our product offerings below!