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VZ Grips

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VZ Produces Micarta® & G10 grips that are widely used throughout the firearms industry.
Micarta is a trade name that was given to thermoset composites back in the 1890’s by Westinghouse. VZ chose Micarta® and G10 for three reasons:
1. Durability: They have a higher tensile strength than steel. It is used in storm shelters to provide state of the art protection rooms to ward off the threats from tornadoes. It is also being tested to armor aircraft cockpit doors.
2. Impervious to changes in temperature: This material will not swell, warp, or crack with changes in temperature. It is an excellent insulator against heat. Unlike other so called high-end grips on the market, ours stays cool and comfortable.
3. Texture: When milled, Micarta and G10 gives a highly slip resistant surface.