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Home Defense Shotguns

The shotgun is likely the most versatile and arguably the most devastating defensive weapon available to the average citizen. Modern loadings of slugs and buckshot are simply overwhelming. A center of mass hit of 12GA nine pellet 00 buckshot load is the equivalent of being shot nine times with a 9mm handgun. There are many myths surrounding shotguns though, the most prevalent being that they don’t need to be aimed due to the spreading of the shot. Consider this, the rate of spread from an un-choked shotgun is roughly one inch per yard. This means, at most home defense distances, the pattern will be less than 6 inches in diameter. Shotguns also have the most recoil of common defensive firearms, are the most mechanically complicated to operate, finicky in nature, and the most practice intensive to master. Shotguns also have a low ammunition capacity compared to rifles and pistols. And NO…the audible racking sound of a pump shotgun is not an effective deterrent or defensive tactic. Shotguns are extremely effective tools in the right hands, but they are not our typical recommendation for novice or timid shooters. Read more...