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Join us for the First Annual Competition Shooting Expo

What is competition shooting you ask? It takes many forms but ultimately it is a chance to get together with a group of people with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds that share the passion for shooting. It can be as informal as trying to knock the can off the rail first or as organized as a live TV shoot off. In an effort to showcase all the options we have decided to host the first annual Competition Expo at Arnzen Arms.


The 1911 has done it all and is hungry for more

Every year, on Saint Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the purest of loves and the deepest of passions…for the 1911. On February 14th of the year 1911, the pistol now known as “the 1911” was patented. While the same cannot be said about many other devices or machines crafted in that era, the 1911 lives on over 115 years later. It is still commonly used and relatively unchanged. Now days it’s hard to unwrap a new device from its package before it is obsolete, so how does the 1911 still remain a mainstay in the commercial pistol market?

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ZEV Defender 9mm Glock 19

This ZEV package gives you a Glock pistol with superior ergonomics, a terrific trigger and sights that provide premium visibility. Naturally the pistol shoots well too!


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S&W Savings you can carry

04/01/2017 to 06/30/2017

Buy a qualifying pistol and you are eligible for the following manufacturers rebate:

$75 - M&P Shield
$50 - M&P Bodyguard 380
$25 - SD/SDVE