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Benelli / Competition / Clay shooting / Clay Shooting Guns / Trap Guns

Benelli is synonymous with quality shotguns. They produce some of the lightest and fastest cycling shotguns available, making them a favorite with law enforcement, military, hunters, and competition shooters. From the elegant Montefeltro to the tactical M4, Benelli is the fusion of function and art. http://www.benelliusa.com

Trap Guns

Trap specific guns generally vary from field shotguns by having less emphasis on lateral swing characteristics, longer barrels of 30+ inches, tighter chokes, and are generally “zeroed” to have a higher point of impact than the run of the mill field gun. This is because, in Trap, target presentations are always long distance, straight away, and constantly rising. Dedicated trap guns are also built heavier duty than field guns because they are carried less and see much higher volumes of rounds fired than the typical field gun. With that said, vast majority of trap shooters are hunters practicing for the season, so at the club level field guns are extremely common. Read more...