Shooting team profile

Josh Froelich

How Josh got into the shooting sports

I always had an interest in guns, but even more in competition. In school it was football, during college I competed professionally in the local MMA circuit and once out of school I was always looking for what was next. In the summer of 2014 I was at a local gun shop when I heard there were competitions where people ran around with guns and shot competitively. I knew that this was something I wanted to give a try. My first match was with a local IDPA group and I loved it. I was awful, but enjoyed every minute of it. I shot a few more matches to round out 2014 and moved into USPSA and 3 gun in 2015 shooting over 50 local matches. I love competition, the shooting sports and the community of shooters we get to interact with. In 2016 I shot nearly 75 matches with 9 majors mixed in and 16 was the year things started to come together. 2017 should be a great year.

Josh's greatest victories in 3 Gun and USPSA

2016 3 Gun Nation Nationals (hurricane nationals) was my strongest placing performance to date. I finished 2nd at Nationals and shot pretty well on most of the stages. This match was a great experience for me shooting with some terrific Open division talent.

What Josh struggles with in 3 Gun

Long range rifle shooting (300-700 yds) is still a gap in my game. I am working on securing a membership at a local club where I can train at these distances, but to date I have had to learn this at big matches. In 2017 I am going to be shooting with a local PRS group to learn more about long range and get some much needed trigger time in beyond 300 yards.

What Josh does when he isn't shooting

When I am not on the range, I am either in the office managing sales operations at a Minnesota based technology firm or at home with my wife and children. I have a teenage son and 2 little girls who keep my wife and I busy.

Josh's Pistol Gear

I have gone through many pistols, from raced out Glocks to STI's and am excited to be shooting an Atlas Gunworks Chaos Open division pistol in 2017.

Josh's Rifle Gear

I am running a JP PSC-11 dual charging 16" 223 rifle for 3 gun and a JP GMR-13 14.5" pinned 9mm carbine for USPSA's PCC division. I have them set up nearly identical with the same furniture, trigger, hand guard and controls making switching back and forth between rifles and shooting sports seamless.

Josh's Shotgun Gear

I am a Russian shotgun enthusiast. In Open division I want capacity and reliability so I have chosen the Vepr12 platform and am running a Dissident Arms KL-12 shotgun. With the ability to run SGM 25 round drums or 20 round box mags these things are the go to for Open division 3 gun or Tactical Shotgun matches.

Best advice Josh ever got

When I first started shooting I was fast and loose. lots of extra shots and lots of misses. The best advice I received was to simply shoot the sights. You can shoot as quickly as you can get the sights back on target. If you want to speed up your game, speed up how you settle the gun back on target, transitions, movement and just shoot the sights.

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