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JP One Piece Flat Top Scope Mount

For 34mm Scopes, 20MOA

JP Rifles 812872024929 JPFTSM-34-20 JP One Piece Flat Top Scope Mount |For 34mm Scopes, 20MOA
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The 34mm JP Flat-Top Scope Mount attaches to any standard Picatinny rail and features an integrated recoil lug for stability. Ideal for AR applications, its intermediate height can accommodate up to a 56mm objective while the mount rings will fit any 34mm scope tube. The mounting straps also come with pre-drilled holes for piggyback mounting of the JPoint Microelectronic reflex sight using the JPA-GUARD protective wings.

Features integrated recoil lug
Intermediate height is ideal for AR applications and will accommodate a 56mm objective.
Height to centerline: 1.47" over rail.
Total height over rail: 2.70" (small-frame), 2.80" (most large-frame)
Attachment: 5 countersunk flat head screws on clamping rail, 6x32 screws (x6) on each strap piece (Torx keys included)

JP One Piece Flat Top Scope Mount |For 34mm Scopes, 20MOA

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