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Store policies

Our store policies are summarized below. Full details can be viewed by clicking on the heading links.

Firearm Purchase / FFL Transfer Policy

If you are a MN resident, you must have permit to purchase or Minnesota Permit to Carry for the purchase or transfer of all handguns, or long guns that fall under Minnesota's definition of an "assault weapon."

For items requiring a permit, the address on the permit must be the current residence address.

All handgun transfers must include a gun lock or lockable storage device. Please bring a gun lock (trigger lock or cable lock) or plan to purchase one if one is not provided with the gun.

We cannot sell or transfer handguns that are known to fail Minnesota's Saturday Night Special melting point requirement.


Gift card fine print

A "gift card" references a pre-paid account at Arnzen Arms LLC.
This is not a credit line and interest will not be paid or due.
The funds in this account can be used to purchase any goods or services provided by Arnzen Arms.
Gift cards can not be returned and are not refundable.
Physical cards purchased at our shop are redeemable by the bearer of the card and therefore transferable.
Virtual cards purchased on the web site are linked to an account designated by an email address.
Both physical and virtual codes can be used either in store, or on line.


Privacy and Gun Sales

The purchase and possession of firearms is a personal business. It is our belief that the customers' right to privacy is paramount when dealing with all information collected as part of firearms transactions.


Return policy

We do not accept returns on firearms, ammunition, chemicals, safes (over 25 pounds), optics, red-dots, exploding targets, or un-packaged targets. Special orders can not be returned for any reason. Firearm parts (eg. scope mounts/rings, triggers, stocks, foregrips, sights, etc.), and cleaning supplies can only be returned if unused and in original packaging. All other items may be returned if in new condition with all original packaging. All eligible returns must be accompanied with the original receipt and processed within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


Service discount

Arnzen Arms offers a discount for all current, or retired, active duty members of any branch of the US Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, or Space Force). Discount will be extended to all veterans during sales honoring Veterans Day, and Memorial Day.


Shipping policy


All orders will have shipping rates calculated during checkout. These rates come directly from the shipping service with no upcharge from us. If the rates don't make sense, please contact us by phone or email to confirm.

Free shipping

Some orders will have a free shipping option during checkout. Paid options will still appear for expedited shipping. You need to select the free shipping option to receive that benefit.