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FFL Request

We currently charge $50 per gun ($100 for NFA items) to perform a background check and transfer a firearm from out of state.
This form is used to request a copy of our FFL for the purpose of interstate firearms transfer.

Before having a firearm sent to us for transfer, please review our entire Firearm Purchase / FFL Transfer Policy and make sure your shipper is aware of our policies. ADDITIONAL FEES RESULTING FROM YOUR SHIPPER NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES OUTLINED IN OUR TRANSFER POLICY WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE TRANSFER SERVICE CHARGE AND PAID BY THE TRANSFEREE. Please note you have 90 calendar days after we have received the firearm to claim and transfer it, after which it will be abandoned property and disposed of at our discretion.

Please provide all the required information below. Receiving an FFL copy via e-mail is generally preferred by most dealers, and a copy will be sent automatically upon submission. If you need our license faxed, this form can not be used; please call our shop at 952-944-1875.

Many dealers will already have a copy of our license on file and you will not need to perform this request. We ask that you contact your dealer and verify they do not have a copy of our license on file before sending this request.

We accept transfers from individuals as well as dealers. If your firearm is being sent from an individual, please ask them to include a photocopy of their driver's license in the shipment, as well as your name and contact information.

If you are transferring in a handgun, please bring a gun lock (trigger lock or cable lock) or plan to purchase one if one is not provided with the gun.

The name of the buyer / person making the request
Enter your e-mail address
The name of the dealer shipping the firearm to Arnzen Arms
The email address to send a copy of our FFL (this is the preferred method).
Enter the auction or order number if known
Enter any identifying information regarding the firearms to be transfered
Enter any other comments you would like sent to your dealer along with our FFL.
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