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Shipping policy


All orders will have shipping rates calculated during checkout. These rates come directly from the shipping service with no upcharge from us. If the rates don't make sense, please contact us by phone or email to confirm.

Free shipping

Some orders will have a free shipping option during checkout. Paid options will still appear for expedited shipping. You need to select the free shipping option to receive that benefit.


For in stock inventory, we try our best to ship orders on the next business day after the order is placed. If items need to be ordered from distribution, we will ship the item as soon as we receive it, generally between 2 and 7 business days. In stock inventory will have the “add to cart” button labeled  “Add to cart” and product we need to order will say “Order it.”


If the order does not include firearms, and the billing and shipping addresses do not match, this will delay your shipment. We will need to confirm these orders over the phone to prevent fraud. If you need to ship to an address that is different from the billing address you may want to place the order over the phone.

If the order contains firearms, we require a current signed copy of the destination FFL's license before we will ship the order. Emailing to [email protected] immediately after placing your order will prevent any delays 

If the order includes optics and billing and shipping do not match, we may require an alternate form of payment prior to shipping.

If the credit card charge is approved but the AVS shows the billing address does not match what the credit card company has on file, we will require an alternate form of payment.


Firearms can only be shipped to federally licensed dealers. Enter the address of the FFL as the shipping address during checkout. 


Ammunition requires "Adult Signature" and in some states must be shipped to a licensed dealer for pick up. There is an additional shipping and handling fee that will be added to your order during checkout.

Restricted Items

Many states have restrictions on firearms or magazines based on capacity, or type of firearm. We will not ship these items to states where they can not locally be purchased lawfully.

We will not ship primers, powder, or other hazardous materials. Some items can not be shipped due to bulk or weight. If you believe the item can be shipped, you can contact us directly via telephone to assist. There will likely be additional shipping charges for adult signature or haz-mat fees.

International shipping

We do not ship internationally. We only ship to addresses within the United States and US Territories.