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VZ Grips--A Serious Upgrade to Your Pistol or Revolver


(VZ Grips come standard on many new firearms such as the Dan Wesson ECO)

If you are unfamiliar with VZ grips you have probably seen them but may not have known what they are.  More and more savvy gun makers are supplying them on their pistols such as with the Dan Wesson ECO pictured above.  As this review progresses I will show you some of the upgraded VZ grips that I have added to a few of my personal handguns.

The VZ grips are made of a composite material either being Micarta or G-10.

(Above is my CZ 75D PCR sporting VZ Tactical Diamond Black Desert Sand grips)

While to many people (myself included) Micarta seems to be a relatively new material it has actually been around since the 1890's.  Westinghouse developed a process for producing thermoset laminates and bestowed the trade name "Micarta" to the product.

(Kimber Pro Carry HD II wearing Double Diamond grips in Hyena Brown)

Micarta is made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper and canvas or linen cotton material which have been impregnated with synthetic resin.  The result is a solid industrial laminated plastic that is extremely durable, lightweight and moisture resistant.  Unlike less durable plastics Micarta will not soften if it comes in contact with heat.

(CZ SP-01 Shadow with VZ Frag grips in Hyena Brown)

G 10 is similar to Micarta expect that glass is added to the cloth and resin before the heat and pressure is applied.  It is even more durable than Micarta and besides handgun grips and knife scales it is also used as an insulator in the electronics field as it is nearly impervious to water seepage.

(Kimber Pro Aegis wearing Frag MARSOC G 10 grips)

VZ makes a plethora of grips styles in different colors and textures as well as in standard or thin widths, which currently fit the following handguns:

  • All standard 1911s (Colt, Kimber, Springfield, SIG, Smith & Wesson, etc.)
  • Beretta 92
  • CZ
  • Springfield EMP
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • Smith & Wesson Revolvers (J, K/L, and N frames)
  • SIG
  • Rock Island Double Stack (but not for the TCM 22 frame)
  • Ruger 22/45

(Kimber Pro Carry II wearing the Elite Tactical grip in Black Desert Sand)
As you can see I have generously applied the VZ grips to my pistols but I recently bought a set for my Smith & Wesson Model 65 Ladysmith Revolver.


The set chosen was the Tactical Diamond Round Butt G 10 in Black Cherry.

These grips were a veritable Godsend for me as most revolver grips do not fit my hand and are not conducive to my accuracy or ability to fire follow-up shots with any reasonable speed.  Not so with the VZ grips.  They were just the right length and width and the Tactical Diamond checkering kept the grip secure in my grasp during firing.
I am not a particularly great shot with a revolver but these grips helped me post this 8 round group at 21 feet using Speer 135 grain+P Gold Dot Hollowpoint ammo.  That's more than enough accuracy to get the job done.

If you're looking for a great set of grips give VZ a look. Arnzen Arms currently stocks VZ grips for 1911s, CZ 75, SIG P238, and for Smith & Wesson J and K/L frame revolvers.  If the model, style or texture that you want is not in-stock they will always be happy to order whatever you desire.  So stop by and look them over and tell 'em Average Joe sent you.