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50 Round Review, Springfield XD-M OSP ELITE 4.5 Inch Threaded Handgun

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Review. This week we are checking out the Springfield XD-M OSP ELITE 4.5 Inch Threaded Handgun.

Springfield Striker Fired Polymer Guns have always been a little harder for us to sell at Arnzen Arms. Truth is most of us have a favorite brand for this segment and Springfield hasn’t been it, that is, until the most recent period of high demand when Springfield did an outstanding job getting guns to customers that needed them.

The OSP Elite boasts all the features of the XD-M guns plus a threaded barrel, optics cut, supressor height sights, removable magwell and 22RD Mags.

At 10 yards both of us put together an excellent group. It takes a couple shots to get used to where the taller sights are hitting but, no doubt, this guns is dying for a red dot so who cares.

After we got used to the pistol we ran controlled pairs (1 sight picture – 2 shots) and Bill Drills (1 sight picture – 6 shots) at 7 yards. The trigger is excellent, if not a little soft feeling, but both of us scored mostly alpha hits with a couple notable flyers. These could be ammunition related but very likely we both just got a little excited and I have no doubt the group would clean up with a little practice.

The Springfield XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP ran great for both of us. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, suppressor ready, full-size, full-capacity handgun that is widely available look no further that the Elite OSP. At or below the $733 MSRP there are very few guns that can compete.