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A Surprising Change of Heart: My Anticipated Visit to SHOT Show 2024

Believe it or not, folks, I've never been the biggest fan of SHOT Show. For the better part of 10 years, I have been as grumpy about going as I was excited. However, there's something strange happening this year – I'm looking forward to SHOT Show 2024. Call it a surprising change of heart or a newfound curiosity, but there are several reasons why this year's event has piqued my interest.

Networking Reimagined:

  • Networking at SHOT Show has never been my strong suit. But this year, I'm oddly excited about connecting with fellow attendees and industry professionals. I think it’s because the make-up of the show has changed since COVID. There are finally more professionals attending than Looky Lous. I am looking forward to meeting with Staccato, JP Rifles, Atlas Gunworks, and Nighthawk Custom, to name a few.

Sneak Peeks and Surprises:

  • I'll admit that I've always rolled my eyes at the idea of attending SHOT Show just to see a bunch of new firearms and gear. But this year, I'm genuinely curious about what manufacturers have up their sleeves. Springfield Armory dropped the Prodigy last year, and we saw a new interest in my favorite platform the 2011. I look forward to seeing what Atlas Gunworks, Masterpiece Arms, and some smaller builders have for us this year. I am also going to make my way over to the Holosun Booth to check out the next wave of handgun red dots.

Embracing Tradition:

  • Call it a sudden wave of patriotism or nostalgia, but this year, I find myself drawn to the idea of supporting the Second Amendment and celebrating our shooting sports community. Maybe it's time to double down on acknowledging the importance of preserving our culture and traditions.

Unexpected Entertainment:

  • While I've scoffed at the thought of celebrity appearances and live demonstrations in the past, a part of me is secretly excited to see my shooting friends and meet some of the celebrities who have embraced our industry.


It's strange to admit it, but I'm looking forward to SHOT Show 2024. This year promises to be different, and I'm embracing the change with open arms. There's a newfound excitement in the air, whether it's the unexpected networking opportunities, product surprises, or the chance to learn and grow. Who would've thought that I, the SHOT Show skeptic, would be counting down the days until the event? So, here's to an unlikely adventure at SHOT Show 2024 – let's see where this newfound enthusiasm takes me!