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Why is the ammo gone? [RECOIL]

Article Introduction:

In the early stages of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the media began reporting on a surge in firearms sales across the United States. Fast forward to almost August, and everyone is asking “where did all the ammo go?” Online retailers are out of stock, you can't get rounds from big box stores, and what ammo is available is either limited in quantity or highly priced. According to reps in the ammo industry, demand right now is 10x higher than during the 2013 ammo shortage.

Article Summary:

  • "Supply and Demand" is an over simplifcation
  • Ammo production has been flat since 2013
  • Unique factors: Civil Unrest and COVID 19
  • Hoarding is a human response to scarcity
  • Adding manufacturing capacity is expensive and slow to deply
  • Supply lines are taxed all the way up to raw materials
  • 12 months to recover

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