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Concealed Carry Guns

Handguns are the most practical means of exercising one’s second amendment rights outside the home. With the proper licensing, openly carrying a handgun in public is legal in many states (Minnesota included). In spite of being “legal” however, in most places, especially in Minnesota, open carry is not considered socially acceptable and has a high probability of attracting unwanted attention. Realistically the most practical means of being armed to defend one’s self is a more discreet method most commonly referred to as concealed carry. As the name implies, concealed carry encompasses various means of possessing a loaded firearm in a way that it is safe, secure, rapidly deployable and, most importantly, hidden from plain sight. Utilization of concealed carry is a lifestyle choice that empowers an individual to be armed as they go about their day in an anonymous fashion. The covert nature of concealed carry has two key benefits: first is the individual privacy of being armed without flaunting it, but second is the psychological effect on predators. The concept is that because anyone and everyone could potentially be armed, the commission of crime carries a higher risk because would-be victims have a means of resistance. Read more...