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Grip Pod Grip Saw, Grip, Cam Lever, Fits Picatinny, Steel Reinforced Legs, Black Finish GPS-SAW-CL

Grip Pod Inc 040232130465 GPS-SAW-CL Grip Saw
Available to order on-line. Ships in 5-14 days

Grip Pod's Vertical Forward AR-15 Grip SAW Hardcore Model System is specifically designed for Military units and shares many similarities with the Law Enforcement version however the Military model is constructed with high quality aluminum legs which are coated with a mil-spec hard coat finish. This allows the SAW Hardcore Grip Pod to withstand the kind of abuse only dished out by squad automatic weapons" but is ideal for hard use on standard AR type rifles as well. The Grip Pod is a must have accessory that allows you to transition between shooting positions quickly and efficiently. Fits any firearm with Mil-Standard Picatinny Rail in a position that you would want to attach a vertical fore grip. AR-15/M4/M16/308 AR type Rifles.

  • SAW Hardcore Model
  • Cam Lever Mount
  • Quick Attach/Detach
  • Polymer vertical forward grip
Grip Saw
Ships in 5-14 business days.

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