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Harris Ultralight Bipods Hinged Base 9-13 Inch

Harris 051156112130 LS Ultralight Bipods Hinged Base 9-13 Inch
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Harris Engineering's Ultra-Light 9"-13" High Rotation Bipod provides an excellent forward rest" steadying the weapon while reducing fatigue and increasing accuracy. These quick detachable bipods mount to any available sling swivel stud on bolt action or modern sporting rifles. The bipod stows conveniently out of the way when not in use" folding toward the muzzle. Stowed legs are kept firmly in place by sturdy spring returns. Smooth legs allow height adjustments from 9 to 13 inches. Thumb screws on each leg lock in the desired height. Protected by an all-weather black anodized finish. The base swivels laterally helping level your rifle on uneven ground. Tension adjustment in the hinged base eliminates any unwanted slack. A sling may still be used by attaching to the bipod's swivel stud clamp.

  • Legs extend from 9" - 13
  • Common sling swivel attachment
  • Smooth adjustable legs
  • Hard Rubber Leg Caps
  • Swivel tilts to compensate for uneven terrain
Ultralight Bipods Hinged Base 9-13 Inch

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