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50 Round Review, CZ75 SP-01 Competition

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Reviews. This week we are checking out the new CZ75 SP-01 Competition. Chambered in 9mm Luger, this 41.3oz, steel frame, DA/SA Pistol features a 4.6” cold hammer forged barrel, manual safety, aluminum grips, a fiber optic front sight, a serrated rear sight and a capacity of 21 rounds with the 2 included magazines.

At 10 yards the gun grouped comfortable for both shooters right out of the box. The double action first shot is a touch heavy for a competition pistol but smooth and predictable. The single action is short, crisp and light as you’d expect. After checking accuracy, we let the gun run a bit with some controlled pairs (1 sight picture – 2 shots) and Bill Drills (1 sight picture – 6 shots). While neither of us crushed it, collectively we did score more alphas than not. The gun manages recoil well and I have no doubt that, with a little more practice on the DA/SA trigger, both of us would be happy with our performance.

I have always loved the style and ergonomics of the original Shadow line of guns. They have a nice weight to them and feel great in the hand. The controls are where you want them and expect them to be. The CZ75 SP-01 Competition takes the style a step further with the choice of either red or blue grips and extended base pads. 1 Note here: I do have some concern about getting additional matched mags for these guns and would rather pay a little more for a set of 4 in the box which is my minimum for USPSA.

With an MSRP of $1375 and a street price in the mid-1200s the CZ75 SP-01 is a great choice for USPSA Production or someone that just loves these Czech guns.

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