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50 Round Review Kimber EVO SP Custom Shop, Modern Striker Fire Kimber

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Reviews. This week, we are looking at Kimber's EVO SP Custom Shop.


At first glance, the EVO SP Custom Shop is Pure Modern Kimber. The marriage of “Stiplex-inspired” slide serrations and the dot pattern G10 scales make this pistol right at home with any of the Rapide 1911s from Kimber.


The pistol features a remarkably smooth and crisp trigger pull, providing precise control over every shot. And with its slim, compact design, it's a perfect choice for concealed carry enthusiasts with one caveat. The minimalist controls could be a lot easier to operate.


At $995 MSRP, the Kimber EVO SP Custom Shop is on the high side, but if cost is not a thing for you, this would be a great-looking and dependable everyday carry.