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50 Round Review, Nighthawk TRS Comp

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Reviews. This week we got a chance to shoot the Nighthawk Custom TRS Comp IOS.

The Nighthawk Custom TRS Comp is a high-end, custom-built 1911-style pistol designed for competition shooting. It is produced by Nighthawk Custom, a company that is well known for their high-quality, custom-built firearms. There are one hundred ways to customize the TRS Comp, and the model we demoed had most of them.

The gun is a joy to shoot. So much so that we forgot to stop and document the target along the way. The little comp does a good job of efficiently bleeding off energy from the 115 grain ammo keeping the muzzle rise to a minimum. The excellent slide-to-frame fit and pistol timing mellow the recoil impulse to just a dull roar. This gun functions flawlessly, and you can feel it while it cycles.

After checking the accuracy, we let the gun run a bit with some controlled pairs (1 sight picture – 2 shots) and Bill Drills (1 sight picture – 6 shots). No surprise that all the shots grouped well and within the A box with few stragglers.

Overall, the Nighthawk Custom TRS Comp is an exceptional firearm that is designed specifically for competition shooting. It is highly accurate, reliable, and fast, making it an excellent choice for serious competitors who demand the best from their firearms. At a starting price of $4999, it isn’t for everyone but, if you are in the market for a top-end compensated double stack 1911 the TRS Comp must be considered.