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50 Round Review, Oracle Arms 2311, Duty Gun with Race DNA

In this review, we are looking at the Oracle Arms 2311

Oracle entered the re-invigorated 2011 market in 2023 with their hybrid pistol which blends a quasi-1911 top with a polymer grip, a few CZish elements, and accepts sig 320 mags.

We found the gun to be reliable and accurate. The linkless barrel performed better than expected, and groups came easily for all 3 of us. Those of us who are 2011 fans found the gun to be pretty wild, and those of us who primarily shoot polymer found the trigger to be excellent and the gun to return well.

With an MSRP of $2199, this pistol will go head to head with Staccato. This is an unenviable situation given Staccato's current position in the marketplace. Like our group, those who love 2011s will pass on the Oracle 2311, and those looking for an alternative to striker-fire polymer pistols may fall in love.