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50 Round Review, Sig Sauer P320 Spectre Comp, aesthetics and performance

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Reviews. This week, we are looking at the P320 Spectre Comp from Sig Sauer.

The Spectre Comp takes the 320 XFIVE Legion and introduces a short skeletonized cut slide with a gold TiN Trigger and compensated barrel. Sig will tell you this setup reduces recoil by as much as 30%.

We found the gun to be smooth and accurate from the very first shot. Once we got the pistol up to speed, we began to see what Sig was talking about with the recoil reduction. If anything, 30% is an understatement, and this pistol feels a little sluggish. We recommend hot ammo!

At $1499 MSRP, the P320 Spectre comp is an excellent value. Comps, cuts, and exotic coatings aren’t cheap, and this pistol has all of them.