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50 Round Review, Wilson Combat P320 Carry

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Reviews. This week we are checking out the new Wilson Combat Sig P320s. While this review is of the carry size, in our experience, this applies to the entire line-up of Wilson modified P320s.

Wilson Combat has a long history of enhancing stock service pistols like the 320. In this case the major enhancements include a Wilson Combat Grip module, aggressive slide cuts similar to their X-tac guns, fiber front sight, blacked out rear sight and a trigger upgrade kit from Gray Guns.

The first 5 rounds each grouped well at 10 yards. I have a few 320s and this was consistent with my experience. The Grey Guns trigger pack is a noticeable improvement over the standard Sig trigger. Less grit, cleaner break and shorter reset.

Once we got a few rounds each on the trigger we ran Controlled pairs (1 sight picture – 2 shots) and Bill Drills (1 sight picture – 6 shots) at 7 yards. The shooter with more Sig time scored 11 alphas and a 1 Charlie. The other shooter scored 9 Alphas and 3 Charlies. The gun feels a little snappier than expected in the hand, but the scores were above average right out of the box.

The Sig Sauer 320 line-up has earned a top spot in the crowded, polymer, striker fire, pistol segment and Wilson Combat’s enhancements get every bit of performance out of the platform. The question is this. Are superficial upgrades and a readily available consumer trigger pack from Grey Guns worth the additional cost. Ultimately the answer is as subjective as the pistols styling. Some people will gladly pay to get the Wilson name, others have no interest in installing fiddly triggers and still others would never trust or pay anyone to do work they could do themselves. Whichever group best represents your skills and appetites dictates the value.

The Wilson Combat P320 Carry starts at $1255 and tops out just over $1400. We recommend any of the Wilson Sigs for anyone that wants a next level striker fire pistol worked over by one of the best in the business and willing to pay for ease.