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50 Round Reviews, Sig P365-380

The SIG Sauer P365-380 is an optics ready striker-fired pistol chambered in .380 with a 10+1 capacity. In every dimension it is identical to the 9mm original with one exception – Chambering. So why .380? In theory it should make the slide easier to rack and offer a smoother shooting experience which could be an advantage in a pistol designed exclusively for close range engagements.

The gun grouped well for both shooters at 10 yards. Anyone with experience shooting stroker fire pistols will find the trigger to be above average and the platform very capable at slow rates of fire. Pushing the gun a little harder with controlled pairs and Bill Drills at 7 yards the gun performed flawlessly. All A-Zone hits all day long.  

The Sig P365-380 is a standout in the crowded EDC marketplace. With a 2022 MSRP of $579.99 and a street price around $500 it isn’t the lowest priced option but, for those looking for a little less rack and a little less kick the P365 and 380ACP may very well be the perfect pairing.