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Arnzen Arms Live Event with PHLster Holsters

Join us Thursday to expand your EDC (every day carry) with one of our newest brands - PHLster!

  • Thursday May 28th from 7PM-8PM CT
  • Join the event LIVE!

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More about PHLster:

In the summer of 2011, we started a YouTube channel under the name PhillyEDC. The initial goal was to document the failures of the learning curve, as lessons to others who were discovering how to make their own holsters. Instead, the channel became the hub of the DIY and homebrewed holster movement. As the quality of work increased, so did the order volume.

Follow the channel here, for the lastest videos.


Our mission is to provide essential, reliable, considered, purpose-built solutions for concealed-carry which set the trend for minimalist design, maximum functionality, and attention to detail. We teach the world how to make holsters, with our free videos and with the benchmark we set with our products.