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First Look: Glock 44 [VIDEO]

- Hey everybody, Baron over at Arnzen Arms, and today I'm gonna give you my thoughts on the Glock 44, something nobody asked for.

I'm gonna skip the whole details, magazine capacity and all that, you can look that up on Glock's site, it's everywhere out there. So, tell you a little bit about the misgivings I had when this gun first launched, and I gotta tell ya this gun impressed me a lot more than I thought it would. But when it first launched I looked at it and, I mean, I'm gonna immediately compare it to our most successful 22 semi-auto pistol that we sell which is probably the Ruger Mark IV series. That series of guns can get close to same price point as the Glock, feels like a more substantial pistol 'cause you can get 'em with the metal frame and all of that, lot more variations to it, and they come with a threaded barrel is kinda the biggest thing in my opinion. That's the 22, 22 suppressed is amazing.

So I looked at the Glock and went "Well, why didn't they launch it with "a threaded barrel", one. "Why didn't they try and make it "closer to the weight of a Glock 19" 'cause it's not, it's lighter than a Glock 19 even though it's the same size. I had all those thoughts until I shot it and I got "Oh, "no, no, no, this wasn't meant to be "a Mark IV", like, duh, right? You know, if you want a target pistol, don't buy a Glock 44. It's not a target pistol. If you wanna go shoot bullseye, this probably isn't gonna be the gun for you. But if you wanna be able to train with the gun that you carry with for not 18 to 20 cents a trigger pull, now we're getting somewhere. This is amazing for that.

I ran it with I think, four or five different, yeah, five or six different types of ammo. I found that basically if it's standard velocity and up, the gun'll run it. I ran from CCI Standards to Stingers. The only ammo I had trouble with was Remington Thunderbolt, which isn't known for its reliability anyway. So I could feel as I was shooting it, I could tell from shot to shot with the Thunderbolt if it was sluggish, if it was really sub-sonic, it wasn't gonna run the gun. But everything else, particularly the CCI Standards, shot amazing. And the CCI Standards became kinda my favorite 22 load when I was messing around with NRL22. So carried that over, put that into the 44, and it performed equally well.

It gave me good accuracy for what I was doing with it, shot groups with it, 25, grouped as I would expect. This is my ability to be able to do with a semi-automatic handgun. It felt like shooting a Glock 19 minus the 9 mil recoil, that was it. It'll still fit all your Glock accessories, all your holsters, all your lights that you might wanna put on there. It'll fit all of your sights that you might wanna change, which is my only real gripe on the gun as it sits. I hate Glock sights, but that's across the board, plastic sights are dumb. To the point here that the trigger components down here, and I asked the Glock rep just to confirm, but if you have an aftermarket trigger on your carry gun, you can put that into this gun. Really the only thing that I can tell that has changed as far as the trigger components is the extractor, or excuse me, the ejector's a little bit different. But, you know, you can change connectors in there, you can change the trigger bow, trigger shoe, all of that stuff is shared with its centerfire cousins. So with that, now you have something that you can go to the range with and even if it's just a box of 50 rounds, if you have that many more trigger pulls per range session with the gun you're carrying, you're gonna be able to see measurable improvement over time, which is why I'm a big fan of 22 pistols anyway.

Now you have something in a 22 in a form factor that will match what a lot of people are gonna carry anyway. And even if you're not carrying a 19 size gun, if it's a 26 or if it's a 17, or even me, I don't carry a Glock, I would still see value in using this as a training gun because I can still get similar equipment to what I do actually carry, and it gives me a gun that doesn't feel like it was built around a 22. It feels like 22 was built into a Glock 19. Take your M and P compact 22 for example. Really cool little handgun, it feels like a tiny little handgun built in 22, that's where it started at. Like I say, it gives you something that keeps that form factor and I see a lot of value for either training for yourself or if you have other people that you teach, it'd be very easy to introduce them on this handgun and graduate them into a Glock 19, if that's what you're gonna move to, and the only thing that they'll notice the change on is the recoil. I think Glock made a gun that is going to be successful. I think the 22 is actually gonna be interesting from Glock.

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