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[VIDEO] Round Table Gun Reviews STI International Costa VIP

Round table gun review’s STI International Costa VIP review. It’s a simple scheme. Shooters from different backgrounds get together, shoot guns, discuss guns and rate guns. Thumbs up, thumbs down or the ever noncommittal “meh” are the only options. What starts out as four separate reviews culminates in a broad overview and full bodied review of each individual gun. WE WELCOME COMMENTS! Agree, disagree, call us names, whatever you wish… we even welcome discord if it will ultimately serve the prospective buyer of these guns and help them make informed decisions.

Costa V.I.P. Caliber Options: 9mm / .45ACP
Specially designed and built for the discerning carry person, the Costa V.I.P. is modeled after the ever popular STI VIP. It has been upgraded with new finishes, under rail, new stippled grip, and tritium sights. Well suited for discreet concealment, the Costa V.I.P. features a shortened grip while still maintaining a longer sight picture with its 4.15 inch bull barrel. The clean lines and blacked out color scheme present are top shelf.

BBL- 4.15 inch Bull Barrel
FINISH- Diamond Like Carbon, Black Color
MAGAZINES- 2 ea / 120mm, Black Color
TRIGGER- 3.5 lbs w/Ambi Safety Lever
SIGHTS- Low-Profile Tritium Front, Fixed Ledge Rear GRIPS- 2011 TreeBark Stippled, VIP Length, Black Color
OTHER- Recoil Master, Picatinny Under-Rail

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