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Shooting team profile

Andre DeSautel

How Andre got into the shooting sports

I've been shooting guns since I was 12; primarily hunting and trap. After seeing some action shooting on Shooting USA, I had to give it a try. I started off with IDPA with my Glock 19 and Kimber 1911, and ramped into full-on action shooting addiction immediately.

Andre's greatest victory in the shooting sports

Winning the USPSA Minnesota Sectional in 2013 as an A-class shooter. It was my first major match win and it was a heartpounding finish.

The skill Andre still struggles with

Transitioning between guns in 3-gun. I can shoot all 3 guns well, but I find it very difficult to do on the same stage. It's a combination of many little things that add up - lifting my head off the stock when transitioning with shotgun, switching from target focus when using a magnified optic on a rifle back to front-sight focus on my pistol, switching my grip pressure when going between rifle and handgun, etc.

What Andre does when she isn't behind the trigger

I work at JP Enterprises as sales and tech support. I also play guitar professionally, in several different music styles. Life is all about the 3G's - guns, guitars, and Glenlivet.

Pistol and related gear

Glock 34. Comp-tac international holster, CR Speed Belt and CR Speed Mag Pouches. Warren Tactical Sevigny sights.

Shotgun and related gear

Mossberg 930 JM Pro-series, which runs well if I keep it clean. AP Custom load 2x6 shell carriers, Carbon Arms Pinwheels. Safariland ELS belt.

Rifle and related gear

 JP Rifles PSC-11 AR with Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x.

Best advice

** Sounds of gears turning while trying to remember a Vogel quote **

Related gear