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Shooting team profile

Kate Arnzen

How Kate got into the shooting sports

I got dragged into it by the persistent staff members at Arnzen Arms! Andre would not stop pestering me until I finally tried a USPSA match. When I did, I wished I had started action shooting sooner. It was a blast, and I was instantly hooked. 

Kate's greatest victory in the shooting sports

 Going to USPSA Nationals during my first real season of competition shooting and placing within the top 5 of C-class production shooters. Not that any C-class wins are much to brag about, but it was a nice start!

The skill Kate still struggles with

Shooting a shotgun quickly in 3-gun or tactical shotgun matches. For some reason, fast transitions and splits make sense behind a handgun, but once a shotgun goes into my hands, I start moving slow as molasses. 

What Kate does when she isn't behind the trigger

 I'm the primary purchaser for Arnzen Arms. This includes everything from making sure our CLP is replenished, to ordering high-end custom rifles and 1911's (which is always the most fun). I also keep product information updated on the website, and make it out to the sales floor to work with customers from time to time. 

Pistol and related gear

CZ Shadow Target Custom 9mm, Double Alpha belt, Double Alpha Racer magazine pouches, Comp-Tac International holster. 

Shotgun and related gear

 Benelli M2 12ga 21" Shotgun modified by Hawkeye Ordnance, Nordic Components magazine tube extension, AP Custom shell caddies, Safariland ELS belt and attachments. I love my M2 - it runs like a top. The amount of abuse this gun will take, along with the minimal amount of maintenance is truly astounding. 

Rifle and related gear

 S&W M&P VTAC AR-15 rifle with a Nordic Components Corvette Comp, topped with a Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x scope. I love the Razor - at 1x power, I forget the scope is there, and at 6x, the field of view is amazing.

Best advice

You can never miss fast enough. Slow down and make your hits. 

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