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Silencers / Suppressors FAQ | How to buy a suppressor

Since July 1st, 2015 Arnzen Arms has helped thousands of people purchase NFA items such as silencers and short barrel rifles. The process is much like buying a firearm, but requires a lot of patience since the extra paperwork can take up to a year for the government to process. We are a "one stop shop" for Minnesotan's where you can get help with every step of the process, including fingerprints, photographs, and even mailing in the paperwork. 

We can also ship NFA items to any Class 3 dealer and will process the Form 3 free of charge. If you choose this option, you will work with your local dealer to process the Form 4. Be very diligent about checking with your dealer to make sure they will accept NFA transfers and understand what portion of the process they are willing and capable to perform. NFA transfers can be expensive and many dealers are not equipped to provide support with fingerprinting or photography.

Please review the following FAQ for answers to common questions:

Q. How do I buy a suppressor?

A. Buying an NFA item is exactly like buying any firearm, but with some extra steps, and the background check is more involved. Instead of using the NICS (National Instant background Check System), fingerprints and photos are submitted to the ATF, along with a Form 4 and a $200 tax payment. After the paperwork is submitted, it takes 9-12 months for the paperwork to be processed by the government. Once completed, the Form 4 is returned to Arnzen Arms with a "Tax Stamp" affixed. At this point you fill out a 4473 exactly as if you are purchasing a normal firearm and we can complete the transfer.

Q. What brands will you carry at Arnzen Arms?

A. We will likely stock popular silencers from Dead Air Armament, Gemtech, SureFire, Sig Sauer, SilencerCo, and OSS. Other manufacturers, such as YHM, or Tactical Solutions, and Thunderbeast will be available via special ordering.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. In addition to the cost of the suppressor ($500+ for a good one), you are required to pay a $200 Tax with the submission of the ATF Form 4. Some people also set up a trust that will cost at least $100 in legal fees.

Q. How long will it take?

A. If we have the item in stock, it will take 9-12 months for the ATF to approve the Form 4. If it is a special order, the distributor or manufacturer will have to file a Form 3 with the ATF prior to shipping it to us, which takes an additional 2-6 wks.

Q. When can I start my Form 4?

A. The Form 4 can be filed as soon as the item is on-hand to allow physical verification of the serial number.

Q. Do you recommend filing the Form 4 as an individual, trust, or corporation?

A. There are pros and cons to each. The most flexible is the Gun Trust, but it is not necessary and filing as an individual is very common. More information can be found here.

Q. Who do you recommend for setting up an NFA trust?

A. We are currently recommending: Ben Rust Law PLLC

Q. When do I pay for the item if I have to wait several months for the paperwork?

A. We will require payment for the item when the Form 4 is submitted. It will sit in our safe until the ATF responds.

Q. Will you do transfers from another dealer?

A. Yes. We charge $100 for NFA transfers. There is an additional $30 fee for photos and fingerprinting for transfers.

Q. Can I buy silencers and SBR's on the web site?

A. Yes. We will only allow purchases for in store pick up or transfer to another NFA dealer.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment or just show up?

A. An appointment is not required, but strongly encouraged. We have several employees able to complete the NFA paperwork, but if the shop is busy it may take longer than expected. We recommend you make an appointment with our NFA expert, Matt Barnhart. The easiest way to make an appointment is by selecting a time on https://Calendly.com/aa-nfa that works for you.