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Swag Shop Info

What is SWAG?

Sig Sauer HatSWAG is an acronym with multiple meanings; anything from "Scientific Wild Ass Guess," to "Still Without A Girlfriend." In the gun industry, SWAG refers to "Souvenirs, Wearables, and Gifts," though the bit about the girlfriend is just as likely but generally not advertised.

We have noticed that people love gun industry SWAG. We give it away as door prizes at our Anniversary events. Shirts and hats with your favorite brands are always popular, but we often get other things like posters, gun cleaning mats, banners, stickers, pens, key-chains, and anything else you can put a logo on! Many times we just get a couple and they are quickly raided by the employees at the shop.

Rewards Program

Springfield Armory ShirtAnother thing we are frequently asked for is a loyalty program of some kind. You buy stuff and you earn points that can be used for discounts and the like. We have decided to blend these two concepts and create a loyalty program where you can use your earned points to buy SWAG! Besides earning points with purchases, you will be rewarded points for other things like referring friends to create an account, posting comments on reviews, writing product reviews, etc. Our best customers will accumulate enough points to buy lighted signs, watches, leather-bound planners, stools, and all the other goods and gear that are valuable and in very low quantities. 

If you can't find any SWAG you like, and have earned a lot of SWAG points, you can trade in points for Gift Cards!

Which brands?

We get SWAG from Sig-Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, FN-Herstal, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Vortex Optics, Comp-tac, Remington and dozens of others. All of it will be available in the SWAG Store!

When can I get my SWAG?

Glock key chainAs soon as you earn SWAG points you will be able to purchase SWAG. 

How do I earn SWAG points?

Currently you can earn SWAG the following ways:

  1. Create an account and log in = 1 SWAG point
  2. Complete a web order = 1 SWAG point / $100
  3. Claim SWAG points from a completed order at our physical store = 1 SWAG point / $100

All on-line purchases made from 01/01/2016 have retroactively had SWAG Points applied to your accounts. New purchases will automatically add SWAG as soon as your order ships. 

You can view your current SWAG points and past SWAG transactions from your user account page.  To find your user account page, open the site menu by clicking on the logo on upper left of this page, then select "My Account" and "SWAG Points."

If you shop at our brick and mortar store, you can enter info from your receipts to claim your swag points on-line. All you need is the order number and the total amount. This image of an example receipt will help you identify the correct numbers if you are having trouble. The form to claim SWAG points from receipts can be found by viewing your "SWAG Points" on your account page. If you are logged in, it will also be available on the current page (to the left on desktops, and scroll down on Mobile).

NOTE: Orders must be greater than $100 to earn points as we do not recognize fractional points.

How do I get my SWAG?

If you have enough points, you can add SWAG to any order just like a regular product. Shipping SWAG is NOT FREE, but often it can be added to an existing shipment at no cost. You can also choose "In store pick up" and not pay shipping.


Go to to browse our lovely, lovely, swag.


Do you keep past orders on file or in a "my account" that will let me enter for swag points?

SWAG points for all on-line orders made since 01/01/2016 have already been applied to your account! For purchases made at our shop in Eden Prairie, you will need to enter some info off of your receipt to claim those points.

To view your SWAG points go to your account page and click on the "SWAG Points" button.


I made an online purchase and picked up in store. I noticed that the order status appears complete and my swag points don't reflect. I have tried adding them manually and no luck.

Appreciate any help.



Thank you for your feedback! There was an issue with web orders that were picked up in store not registering SWAG points correctly. It has been fixed and the points have been retroactively applied! Please verify you have received the points and contact us if there are any further issues. Again, thanks for the help! For posting this comment I have given you an additional 5 pts as a way of saying thanks!

I don't have my receipts for my massive purchases (STI DVC 3gun; JP SCR-11). Any way I can get my Swag points?

If you ever lose your receipts, you can email us at [email protected] with your full name and approximate dates and we'll send you copies of your receipts. This generally will only work for orders containing firearms, but if you have a small date window we can look up just about anything!