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CAT Combat Application Technologies

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Combat Application Technologies (CAT) is not a brand, it’s a quirky little offshoot of something else. In our world of darkness, death and destruction, we smirk, joke, play grab ass and get cancelled by the sentence. We were created via product experimentation being conducted by a military and defense research and development group, one solely focused only on innovative enhanced materials for global Special Mission Unit programs.

Our little motley crew is a rare opportunity to touch technology used at the leading edge of global operations, products not designed or intended for the civilian market but instead designed for use in direct action programs with endless budgets and changing names. All of our products come from tested prototypes that had no choice but to exceed the technical standards of commercially available peer products, based on science, not marketing or brand white noise.

You live in a world where brands and people feel they can say and do whatever but we live in those back alleys, those dirty streets where bad things happen and you bleed out slowly. We were taught to cut throats, to survive and thrive. We don’t have time for sheep, for the brand fanboys. We’re built for the real people, those that see that our cheesy marketing is a poke at an industry gone wild. We believe product innovation trumps marketing, always. Welcome to our world.