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Atlas Gunworks / Hand gun

Atlas Gunworks : Tireless Dedication to the Shooter

Atlas Gunworks has a reputation for building high-quality competition 2011 handguns, and other performance parts and accessories. They spent two years developing the now-popular Atlas 2011 magazines, which solve issues 2011 and DS 1911 users have with lockback and ammo feeding. We carry Atlas Magazines in multiple calibers, sizes, and styles. We also carry Atlas Gunworks triggers, and other parts and accessories.

All Atlas Gunworks USPSA, IDPA & 3 gun pistols are custom made and delivered within months of ordering. If you need one of these pistols fast - check out the Atlas Athena, Artemis,Titan RDS, and Erebus.

Atlas 2011 handguns are built continually for shooters in need of new competition pistols. Atlas USPSA & 3 Gun pistols are delivered within 6 months of ordering. Whether you opt for any of our retail offerings we encourage you to contact us and start the ordering process.